Ink & Ivory

May 27, 2017-April 30, 2018

circa 1930

The Tahoe Maritime Center-Museum & Gardens would like to introduce Lake Tahoe to its most colorful exhibition to date! Ink & Ivory will feature two nautical art forms. Scrimshaw, attributed to American sailors, is the art of intricate carvings on bone ivory and other found objects. These works of art not only capture visuals of the past, they also tell the story of environmental impact, laws and regulations. Ink & Ivory will also trace the nautical tradition of tattooing. Discover tattoos that were meant to bring sailors luck, see skin-deep evidence of their travels, and feel the sense of longing behind sentimental tributes to wives and sweethearts back home. Best of all, Ink & Ivory will feature modern-day tattoos which are specific to nautical tradition or deep Tahoe connection.


** Opening night reception will be held: Friday, May 26, 2017. Further details will be posted on our events page.



What’s in a Name?

May 27, 2017-April 30, 2018

“What’s in West winda name?” Juliet famously ponders. Well, if you are a boat, the answer is: quite a lot! Tahoe Maritime Center-Museum & Gardens is pleased to announce that May, 2017 will feature an exciting exhibition that explores the stories behind the names of familiar Tahoe places and beloved Tahoe boats! Despite Shakespeare’s conceptualization of names as meaningless constructs, choosing a name for a boat is a very personal choice and is rarely arbitrary. Many boat owners choose names that reflect a part of their life or family. Many are expressions of the owner’s personality and sense of humor. Other boat names pay homage to the tradition of the boat as a gendered object. Not only will What’s in a Name explore all these fascinating elements, it will also highlight the many superstitions and myths which surround this deeply personal choice. Visitors can also expect to delve into the complex nautical history behind the female persona of ships and boats.

** Opening night reception will be held: Friday, May 26, 2017. Further details will be posted on our events page.

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